How To Identify Quality Gemstones

Colorful precious and semiprecious stone are soaring in popularity. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are carrying over land that used to belong solely to diamonds like engagement and wedding jewelry, while bracelets and pendants take on vibrant colors because of some scattering of semiprecious stones. Deciding quality colored diamonds requires knowledge of this “five C’s”: color, protection, clarity, carat weight and cut.


A rich, deep shade that matches a stone’s archetype brings the best cost. Vivid green emeralds, rich red rubies and deep azure sapphires are typically more sought after than light or brightly colored stones. Some stones arrive in more than one color; if this is true; one color is generally more highly prized. For instance, sapphires come in green, blue, pink, yellow and transparent white, but just twilight blue sapphires are deemed precious gemstones.

If you like pink sapphires or pale green emeralds wear them with pride and enjoy the discount you’re likely to find on those less conventional stone. The stone ‘ resale value will be reduced, but personal preference should be the guide when choosing jewelry.

A couple of stones have more than one color. Alexandrite changes its color based upon the light that strikes it, going from red to green. Opals have more than one color. With these rare jewels, the degree of the numerous colors enriches the stones’ value.


Coverage describes the way evenly dispersed a color is during a specific gem. Uniform color generally signifies an excellent gemstone. Start looking at for a stone that looks exactly the identical color across its whole upper surface. Some diamonds exhibit pleochroism, an odd feature that makes them look different colors at different angles. For instance, sapphires and iolites are pleochroic, seeming light blue or indigo when viewed in the side, but brightly colored out of the top. Pleochroism doesn’t decrease the worth of a stone since its inherent in some jewel types. A well-cut pleochroic stone will showcase the strangest color in the very best angle.