The Best Way To Maintain Your Koi Fish Pond Clear

Among the most requested questions I receive from individuals who own Koi ponds, is “how to you maintain Koi pond so clear”? The first thing that I ask them is just how many fish do you’ve in the pond of yours and just how what’s the size of your respective fish pond. Having a pond clear is actually a many action process. I’ve listed a few recommendations below.

Firstly you must maintain your fish waste to a minimum using the rule that one twelve inch Koi per hundred gallons of h2o. Many people usually have more fish than the pond of theirs can handle waste. The one other method in which you are able to alleviate the issue is making certain your pond has a bottom drain system. This means your pump is outside the pond. An excellent bottom drain structure is going to increase the flow of water that will cycle your water far more per hour.

Another significant part of the pond process is the filtration of yours. Without excellent filtration the waste you acquire by the pump of yours is able to wind up back in the pond of yours. I’m an advocate of larger is better, and that’s equally true for the pond of yours. The next time you go to your neighborhood pond store glance at the pond filters; you are going to see 500, 1000, 750, which means gallons of water they are able to deal with. Why not buy a pond filtration device which is going to handle 500 gallons over the water in the pond of yours. Nevertheless, you generally want to match the pump of yours to the filtration system you purchase.

Now I’m going to allow you in on a bit of secret. I use a multi stage filtration system and in the next to last point I make use of lava rock. Lava rock is wonderful for getting rid of tiny specks which could manage your mesh filters, therefore making the pond of yours much clearer! But, that’s not the secret of mine; the true secret of mine is alfalfa. In case you put a tightly woven amount of alfalfa into your Koi pond, you’ll be astonished of the way it responds to decompose waste. I often have a little ball of alfalfa in my filter box.

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